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The Jail

Pauly Jail Building Company is part of our country's rich history of American ingenuity, and successful entrepreneurship. 

The name "Pauly" came to be associated with traditional jail and prison construction throughout the United States, and drew special recognition with the unique Patent Rotary Jail which remains an historical testament to American inventiveness. Pauly Jails set the industry standard over time.

CB Jailhouse-4.jpg

It was 1856, wilderness and wastelands were quickly becoming territories and states, and our judicial system was faced with the problem of how to house prisoners in those remote areas that were without proper detention facilities.

Steamboat blacksmiths on the Mississippi River, Mr. Pauly and his family had the skills to design and build steel cages that could be mounted on flatbed wagons to create portable jail cells, the perfect solution to the detention problem of that day.

The Pauly Cells were originally housed in a different building in their original 4-square design.  When the Fire Station was converted to become the Police Station, according to local lore, the cells were dismantled by the local high school and welded back together in its current location in a linear design.

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